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Pipeline Pigging

Written by: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

Knowledge management is a systematic approach used by organizations to retrieve, store, create, and share knowledge. It is an essential capability for most organizations irrespective of their size or field of specialization.   Read More >>

Maintenance and Integrity Management

Written By: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

It is well known that many strategies fail in implementation due to common organizational obstacles and barriers. In Certeglobal Consulting, I developed the “Implementation Mission” framework as a strategic management tool to assist in and facilitate strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Read More >>

Upgrading Oilfield Technologies

Written By: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

Evaluation of strategic results is the final phase of the strategy implementation process, (see, Implementation Mission framework1). The strategy document usually specifies who is responsible for evaluation and monitoring of results and making decisions based on these results. Read More >>

Safety Inspections of Oil & Gas Facilities

Written By: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

Innovation is the process of improving, adapting or developing a product, system or service to deliver better results and create value for people (IDEO, 2011). In government, innovation requires managers to identify and act upon new ideas and ways of providing services to citizens while maximising limited resources in their institutions. Read More >>