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8 December 2020

“Our projects assure success for all clients and associated parties. Many factors differentiate us from others in providing knowledge and expertise, capabilities, dedicated staff, commitment to success, partnerships and worldwide clients”

Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr


Our Business Areas

Consulting on strategy and change, business excellence, corporate governance, HRM, operations and performance, digital systems.

Training programmes on management, leadership, project management, HRM, IT, finance and accounting, and specialised courses.

Engineering and design, project services, HSEQ, procurement management, consulting, and specialised manpower.

This online event provides a forum for executives, specialists, policy-makers and consultants to dialogue about opportunities in organisational excellence programmes and possible solutions for the issues they face.

Our Featured Services & Products

Certified Operational Excellence & Performance Improvement Professional (C-OPEX)

This certified professional programme aims to provide participants with the ability to make improvements in their organisations and achieve operational excellence. 

This certification is a formal endorsement and demonstrator of your competencies and capability to develop a roadmap for achieving excellence, define right approaches to start an excellence journey, develop and implement best practices, and prepare the organisation for excellence programme.

Certified Excellence Professional

Business and Operational Excellence Real-time Monitoring System

Our business and operational excellence real-time monitoring tool helps managers and staff to continuously monitor implementation of organisational capabilities and progress towards achieving outstanding and sustainable performance results. By using this tool, organisations can identify their current performance in a real-time basis, identify gaps in performance results and capabilities, define potential for improvement, plan and implement improvement initiatives and programmes, and continually monitor results.

Excellence Monitoring Tool

Certified Corporate Governance Professional (C-CG)

This Certified Corporate Governance Professional programme focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and practical skills to implement and improve corporate governance in their organizations.

This certification is a formal endorsement and demonstrator of your competencies and capability of assessing and improving the corporate governance and developing governance documents for any organization in any sector.

Governance Professional

Certified Innovation Management Professional 


This Certified Innovation Management Professional programme aims to provide participants with the ability to manage innovation and embed innovation culture into their organisations. 

This certification is a formal endorsement and demonstrator of your competencies and capability of managing and enhancing innovation in your organization.

Certified Innovation Management Professional

Enterprise Risk Management System

Our enterprise risk management application (ERM) helps you improve risk management in your organiastion. It helps you forecast, predict, identify, and assess risks, define risk controls and safeguards, implement, evaluate and quantify the impact of risk mitigation plans . It enables organisations to manage risk across multiple standards and regulations, and proven to be an excellence solution for proving a compliance with ISO 31000, ISO 22301, ISO 45001, ISO 14000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and other regulations such as GDPR.

Enterprise Risk Management ERM
Enterprise Risk Management ERM

Certified Business Continuity Management Professional (C-BCM)

This Certified Business Continuity Management Professional programme focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and practical skills to develop, implement and manage business continuity plans. This certification is a formal endorsement and demonstrator of your competencies and capability of managing business continuity and risks in your organization and reacting accurately to business disturbances.


Business Continuity Management BCM

Our specialised training programmes cover:

  • Management & leadership
  • Business excellence
  • Human resources management
  • Finance & accounting
  • Project management
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Information technology
  • Specialised programmes 

Our News

Contract management training last week in London

15 October 2019 – Last week we conducted our training programme ‘Advanced Contract  Management’ at our School of Managers in London for group of trainees from oil & gas sector. The course provided an opportunity for participants to explore and address specific contract management challenges, pitfalls, and issues.

For more information, visit:

UK trade mission to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman

15 December 2015 – We have joined the UK’s trade mission to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. During this trade mission we visited several universities, government and public sector organisations to explore potential collaboration opportunities. we also participated on the training exhibition at the British Embassy in Doha, Qatar

For more information, visit:

Introducing enterprise risk management framework, Brega Oil Co. Tripoli, Libya

15 April 2018

Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr, Director of CERTEGLOBAL gave a presentation this week to management board and department directors of Brega Oil Company at the company’s headquarter in Tripoli, Libya.  During this presentation Dr. Dhafr introduced a best of breed process for managing and dealing with enterprise risks during political instability and unrest situations.

For more information, visit:

Crisis Management Lecture, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

15 November 2016

Mr Graham Thompson, from CERTEGLOBAL, gave a lecture this week to senior management and academic staff of Sultan Qaboos University. During this lecture Mr Thompson introduced best practices in managing and dealing with risk situations.

For more information, visit:


Our Services

Consulting & Advisory

CERTEGLOBAL is a global consulting firm specialising in development and execution of corporate and business strategy, change and transformation, business excellence, corporate governance, HR management, performance measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs), enterprise technology and digital solutions. This range of services allows us to work closely with clients to provide ongoing support and to make sure that they they implement optimised and best practice solutions, realise their goals and achieve sustainable results.  Read More >>

Training & Development

Through our London’s School of Managers, CERTEGLOBAL offers to clients a range of training courses that helps managers build their skills and gain real and lasting benefits. Our specialised areas of expertise are:

  • Leadership & management
  • Procurement & supplier management
  • Finance & accounting
  • Human resources management
  • Computer & information technology
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Specialised and technical courses. 


Engineering Services

CERTEGLOBAL Engineering Services is a global provider of specialised services to companies in oil and gas and energy sectors. At CerteGlobal we provide a full spectrum of engineering and design, HSEQ, project services, specialised materials supply, technical consulting and advisory, and specialist manpower.

Combined with long engineering history and highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists, our approach helps our customers find safe, efficient, profitable solutions for their operations and projects, and deliver superior performance that meets needs of business stakeholders. 

With a headquarter in London, CerteGlobal has projects in North Sea, Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia and has maintained a market-leading position as a reliable service provider.  Read More >>


The Impact of Knowledge Management on Achieving Organizational Excellence

Written by: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

Knowledge management is a systematic approach used by organizations to retrieve, store, create, and share knowledge. It is an essential capability for most organizations irrespective of their size or field of specialization.   Read More >>

The Implementation Mission Framework: Roadmap for Success

Written By: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

It is well known that many strategies fail in implementation due to common organizational obstacles and barriers. In Certeglobal Consulting, I developed the “Implementation Mission” framework as a strategic management tool to assist in and facilitate strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Read More >>

Monitoring Progress Towards Achieving Strategic Goals

Written By: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

Evaluation of strategic results is the final phase of the strategy implementation process, (see, Implementation Mission framework1). The strategy document usually specifies who is responsible for evaluation and monitoring of results and making decisions based on these results. Read More >>

Innovation in Government Services

Written By: Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr 

Innovation is the process of improving, adapting or developing a product, system or service to deliver better results and create value for people (IDEO, 2011). In government, innovation requires managers to identify and act upon new ideas and ways of providing services to citizens while maximising limited resources in their institutions. Read More >>