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How to Address Complexity and Excessive Expansion in Strategic Initiatives

Many times, an organization may have outstanding initiatives, but they stumble in their implementation due to several reasons, including the abundance of initiatives, complexity, and

Innovation in Government Services

Innovation is the process of improving, adapting or developing a product, system or service to deliver better results and create value for people (IDEO, 2011).

The Implementation Mission Framework: Roadmap for Success

The framework focuses on key aspects of the organization from the strategy development to the implementation and results phases. The aspects of the organization that the framework focuses on are as follows:

Monitoring Progress Towards Achieving Strategic Goals

Strategy evaluation is a crucial activity for success of strategies and need to be done during and after completion of the strategy implementation. Evaluation during

The Impact of Knowledge Management on Achieving Organizational Excellence

Knowledge management is a systematic approach used by organizations to retrieve, store, create, and share knowledge. It is an essential capability for most organizations irrespective