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Our London School of Business Managers

Diverse training programs held multiple times yearly at our cutting-edge London center and other convenient venues.

Elevate your career with our certified training courses. Acquire expertise and reach your goals as a professional or practitioner.

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Certified Organizational Excellence Professional (C-EXP)

Develop and enhance your abilities to effectively contribute to organizations’ pursuit of excellence and success.

Business Excellence Assessment and Tracking System

Empower your organization with a comprehensive system for assessment of capabilities and measuring business results.

3rd EXIP Symposium

Join our forum to connect with industry experts, share knowledge, and identify best practices for achieving organizational success.

Certified Strategic Planning Professional (CSPP)

Acquire the skills and expertise needed to propel organizational success forward.

Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional (CKPIP)

Drive organizational success by acquiring the skills of creating a framework of performance indicators that effectively monitor and manage value creation.

Strategic Planning & Execution Consulting

Contact us for expert assistance in designing and implementing highly effective strategy that drive sustained organizational growth and exceptional performance.

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Online Lecture

Successful Strategy Models for Organizations

Date: 23 May 2023 Time: 17-18 pm GMT
Location: Online         Language: Arabic

Join us for an informative and engaging webinar on How to Create Winning Strategies for Organizations. Register now to secure your spot and we look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

About us

Welcome to CERTEGLOBAL, the leading consulting and training organization based in London. We specialize in three key business areas: management consulting, comprehensive training solutions, and cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses. 

At CERTEGLOBAL, each business area is expertly managed by industry professionals with vast experience in their respective fields. We take pride in our global presence, boasting representative offices and partnerships worldwide. This extensive network allows us to execute initiatives and projects on a global scale, ensuring exceptional results for our clients.

Whether you’re seeking strategic guidance, skill development through our top-notch training programs, or innovative digital solutions to propel your business forward, CERTEGLOBAL is your trusted partner. Join us on our journey towards excellence and success.

Dr. Nasreddin Dhafr, Director of CERTEGLOBAL